Modern Warfare 2 Intervention Long-Range Sniper Rifle

Since, Everyones complaining. I’m going to give him credit and update it so it works in garry’s mod. I might add a W model too.

edit: I’ve been working on the v_model and I’ve extracted low-def models for the world model. i am trying to get better quality w_models. The hold type is almost perfect, and I’ve got two friends now to test it on their computers. I’ve given full credit to zeej in the swep. As far as I’m concerned the operation is running smoothly, I’ll update you with screenshots when I can.

edit: somebody already made a pack, so it seems pointless for me to try anymore

Nice, good job man!


He stole this.

Sadly, No

Haha this is great.


Does it have the sounds from the game? I can get them if you want.

  • snip -

Fucking Credit theif. No one needs sweps anyway.

Hey Matt, what can you tell me about this?

Steal, steal, steal…


Animations were made by Zeej. DO NOT steal other’s work!

How couldn’t you kill Breen ?

Lol, nice weapon anyway :smiley:

Oh so he stole this? Damn, sniping all my posts then.

Do you think you could fix the view model at least?

Well, do you think you could make a different weapon that works? BTW, how did you get it to work?

Yeah right =.=

Well, I don’t really care if he stole it, I just want a good SWEP. And please, no flaming. Besides, why don’t you just give credit to the V model maker and just make the SWEP?

I’ll take you up on it, ok I’ll fix the V model Give him credit and maybe add a w model.

Alright then. You can’t rip mw2 animations so that’s why Zeej had to make look alike ones.

Stop crying, you’ve been the only person complaining the most. As for mat, go for it.

Are you saying that he shouldn’t get pissed off by some idiot committing credit theft?

Also, this is the wrong section.

Cool :bravo: