Modern Warfare 2 Knife ??

so many weapons and player models have been converted into CSS. M4s, AKs, Rangers and TFs

But I haven’t seen any MW2 knives for CSS (except for the two in FPSB, consistency, and bad animations. The second one has a gun with it, it looks stupid). I would like to request a modern warfare 2 knife which is wielded upside down (like tactical knife attachment, only without guns), or perhaps jeniffers animations from FPSB

That’s it

Thank you very much

I have not seen a seprate knife SWEP, but I have seen CSS knife skins that look like the throwing knife and the normal knife.

Ill post a link soon.

umm ok then

Is this a request for Garrys Mod Swep or…?

If You Wanted A Model My Freind I Have This


Also A Skin For Css And Gmod

I Am Trying To hex this skin but mehh

It looks like he was requesting for knife model with animations for CSS.
Which isn’t really the thing around here, this being the garry’s mod forum and all.


one generic knife model coming right up

That skin has been done and I’ve already requested it. The hexed version was the first link. So no need to try and hex it.

oh, that one. I don’t really like zeejs knife anim for some reason
nvm, there’s a new one in mw2 skin thread, although the hands are very very small