Modern Warfare 2 m4

Hey guys, does anyone have Modern Warfare 2 M4 which is of decent quality, and not world model? I really need it. I don’t care if it’s compiled or is it in some format btw.

Once again, Kimono’s VLTOR SBR on fpsbanana is almost an exact lookalike.

Thanks, but I need the mw2 one :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ they’re exactly the same.

No, you don’t.


Actually, almost completely different.

This comes with camos, is aimable and has different sights you can choose from.

No, they’re pretty much the same thing.

Not really

Yeah, really.

Now, why does everyone go OF TOPIC? It’s not that I’m not really grateful for you linking me to similar stuff, but I know 90% of skins at FPSB on which I’m very active. What I’m asking is a ripped MW2 m4 which looks decent and it’s not a world model. I don’t even need the textures, only model.

Thanks for link, but I know that model, and have ported it before for someone if I remember right.

Can you please explain to me why you can’t use the aforementioned M4 skins and absolutely need the MW2 one?

why the hell not? if he wants it he wants it.
those guns mentioned above have different animations from the mw2 m4.
texture is off too.

How about one with the selector switch actually set to auto?

You can’t get the animations from MW2.

No, they are not the same.

Just use the one shown above, others have tried porting it and other Mw2 guns to source but they looked like shit because of there low-res and so they tossed the idea. These are the best we’ll get.