Modern Warfare 2 Models port Request!

Hey guys i would really like to get my hands on all the character models from Modern Warfare 2 if that’s possible more specifically i really want the Shadow Company models and in case you don’t know Shadow Company is shepherds private pmc’s.
Thanks to any one who helps!

It just came out. Wait a bit.

I really am hoping to see the juggernaut in Gmod someday

ddok is doing it.

All i want is ghost and the rangers.

We gotta find a way to extract the models out of wherever the fuck they are kept in the game and then someone needs to update any of the iwi2dds programs to work with MW2’s iwi’s.

gave up

Hopefully someone will make a model of Ghost. ^^

ddok gave up because of problems with the 3d ripper. Don’t blame him.

What problems were you having with 3D Ripper Dx Ddok? I had it crash on me, but found it works fine if you turn your texture details down to High (I had had mine on extra) and it ripped everything just fine. I have no idea how to rig though so what I’ve ripped will be of no help.

I had my textures set to extra and it ripped fine. The problem is the massive ammount of gear all the soldiers and stuff would have to make it extremely hard to put the models in a T pose.

I really hope someone can get these models!

i’m working it

PREDAAATOR is awesome

Please tell me CSS rig? I am so gonna player model the shit out of them

of course i will, i’ll do my best chosing 4 best ct players from mw2 , i personality like this…

but anyway, i open to sugestions :slight_smile:

You are about to make HunterDNRC very happy if you port him

if you take pics for me, is easier


remeber, this will take time, i have to fix the models to have the right pose and then rig

What I mean is… if the guy in that picture gets ported… a member on here named HunterDNRC is going to be very happy… he really likes that character

w… what?
you know, no Modtool…
but how? damn… I wonder

ahh!! ok, sorry my bad english…well, i’ll try to do them faster, but remember that s-low can do a great job too, he just need a request for a lot of people


recently today i have the game on pc, i have finished it on xbox, so, if someone can give me the savegame, that way is easier get the models, thx