Modern Warfare 2 NPC's by Predaaator and CrysisMaster!

A couple of days ago Predaaator released his Modern Warfare 2 Models pack!
I contacted him and we chatted about npc’s now today i bring you the first 2 npc’s from our upcoming Modern Warfare 2 gmod pack!

Modern Warfare 2 NPC’s V.1
Created by: “CrysisMaster” & “Predaaator”
Models By: “Infinity Ward”
Porting and Mapping: "Predaaator
Coding/Animations By: “CrysisMaster”
(US ARMY RANGERS + Shadow Company Operations Grunts)

Copy the LUA folder and Models folder and place in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\INSERTUSERNAMEHERE\garrysmod\garrysmod
Merge all folders.
NO SPAWN ICONS if you know how to create one please make one!!!

Launch GMOD…Enjoy

Contact me by adding me on steam
More npc’s coming soon!

Expect to see many more varients!
LINKS <-----Gmod Mirror,Slower and always reported for some reason. <----- Mirror 2 MUCH FASTER+BETTER

Find the mistake :smiley:

Lol is it the three?

Yay for impossible to use scope?


I guess they are just the models with citizen animations?

hi my friend, fix the credits…

models and skins: Modern Warfare 2 developers
normalmap and ripper: Predaaator

that way you wont have problems :wink:

Yes,they are basically remodeled citizens. Its my first time actually giving a model without animations,animations. I will eventually get better right now im working on giving them some cool radio effect sounds.


Lawlkay pred :stuck_out_tongue:

coolness > functionality

Hey, this SWEP is included?

DL doesn’t appear to be working anymore…

For some odd reason every time i upload a file to it gets reported.
Anyone mind reuploading for me? i re uploaded already and made new screen shots but i expect it to go down soon since every time i upload its autoreported.

Anyways enjoy.

[editline]11:13PM[/editline] my old upload account down their.

RAWR any chance of a alternate DL link?

[NOTE: just completed MW2 on veteran]

host this on another site pl0x

Add custom sounds and change their kill icon.
Then you get my download :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really give a rats arse about your download but okay. How do i change the kill icon?


Oh forgot about that,


Dunno, im not a lua coder, but I mean that EVERYONE can make this, its not especial at all, even I can make this and I have almost no clue about lua at all.

What I’m trying to say is that you need to make them unique Npcs (With the sounds and shit blablabla) to get peoples downloads.

Yeah that will be released with v1.5 along with:
-Airborne Spetsnaz
-Some Militia
-Task Force 141 people.

wow look at how tiny their bodies are compared to their head. another failed infinityward “midget production”