Modern Warfare 2 Swep Pack for Gmod.

Hey all.

I would like to proudly announce my next project, a swep pack containing all Modern Warfare 2 weapons, I have begun work on the pack and have a little screenie of the first very wip weapon.


-All Modern warfare 2 weapons
-All attachements will be available, for you to choose (Depending if I can find a LUA scripter better than myself)

Currently we are looking for a LUA scripter, so if anyone is interested let me know.

Fistly I would like to ask a question in regards to LUA weapon scripting, I want to be able to set the default position of the View model the same way I set the ironsight coordinates is there a command to do this?

Anyway enjoy and I hope this is as sucessfull as my halo 3 project :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Project members:


Finished the SCAR-H here is some pics:

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. Nice idea.

Will you include W_models?

Of Course :slight_smile:

Sounds neato.

will you do them for css?

What would be really gnarly is if you made it so to get accessories and attachments, you have to earn them.

The idea is that I will be compiling the models to work with css, so they will be available for use both in gmod and css.

Wow this is a good idea :dance: will this become a release ?

Will money fly out of enemies when you shoot them?

Why the hell does it do that, anyway…

On topic, can’t wait till these get done!

I actually had to look that up. It turns out that it’s the visualisation of ‘payback’. Pretty funny that hardly anyone gets it… :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ll help out if you need models from it or whatnot.

hahaha cool, but I already have a guy ripping what I need is people who can compile for me :slight_smile: I cn do it but this will get done alot quicker with someone else helping. updating new pics of the finished SCAR H on the main post.

I don’t really see the point in these sweps but they are okay

I think the ironsight view should be a bit closer to the camera and maybe raised up a little bit more. Same with the whole thing, actually.

Not bad, amigo

There’s something wrong with the SCAR-H viewmodel, some empty space between the hand and the gun, Look.

You see that small empty space near the hand near the barrel?
Just saying, anyways I would love this pack, MW2 Animations are so awesome (Also I have an obsession with Guns so I must get more and more Sweps, but based of real guns so…).