Modern Warfare 2 Vehicle Pack.

I’ll fix the police car error and add more vehicle like FSB Van and Little Bird
I need someone who can make .phy. especially i need Nexus_Elite (His .phy of CoD4 Heli pack are awesome)

just cool

You could copy paste the phys from other things :smiley:

So…fucking…AWESOME!! :open_mouth:

But there is not any proper phys to MH53

They look incredible, although make sure the phys won’t be the posing kind. Or just make two different versions since I would appreciate a version to be entirely solid.


Oh oh! Port the F15!!!

And the cars in Wolverines!

and maybe the brazil truck?

1 last thing. port the B2 bomber!

Haha, good one.

A sentry gun is a vehicle? :ohdear:

I forgot, were there any of those doorless hummers in that game?

Awesome, now we’ll wait and see what’s included in the final pack (to be released in 2011).

If there’s no glas windows, they’re ruined in my opinion.

They were easier to pose people in. Much easier than trying to position a bunch of statued ragdolls in open air then guessing at where they might be within the impenetrable confines of a lazily done collision model.

yeah, i loved nexus’ phy’s for vehicles

fix policecar, add Littlebird

Two version of Pavelow

hooah! nice work!

You should port Littlebird convey version.

btw nice work


Nice work.