Modern Warfare 3 Character Models

Well, The game Just came out 24 minutes ago, and well I thought i’d be the first to make a request thread. Anyway pretty much the title, MW3 Character models, It should be Kinda Easier because I beleive it runs on the same engine as MW2. Anyway here pictures

Resistance-Ish Guys & Misc.

US Armed Forces



I don’t have any pictures of them but GIGN and German Soldiers would be good.


BoxFort Please.

More images Incoming

New Ranger Models:



Winter Camo Task Force 101/ Delta Force:

Yuri in a Juggernaut Suit:


Give us a chance to beat the game before we start porting

If this does end up happening, try to keep spoilers out.

believe it or not I’m working on them :dance:


Da fu**? Already?

I’m playing to first for identify all character models

If you can make the vehicles model(T90,ospray,stryker icv,and so on).Please make the
models to mdl.

Well, support for those SAS. Though, before requesting anything, wait until people have actually played it.

The first teen models is something we need. Ain’t got enough civilian/resistance fighters models.

The resistance models are cool, but we certainly don’t need anymore US or Russian soldiers.

Russian Armored-SUV and T-90 would be useful.

I think they have really improved the way their characters appear in games.

It’s only out today, and there’s already a request for models?

Such is the way of Facepunch.

hahahahhaa how fucking lazy can they get

the SAS base model is ~straight outta cod4~

I could probably recreate it with a little bit of model hacking, that’s how goddamn lazy they are

That last shot is some old as hell supposedly leaked concept art. Looks like a concept for the new gear setup or something.

ah, I see. Well, until we get ingame images of the SAS we can’t say for sure that they’re not the old models or new ones

those resistance guys look badass.

I like the russians more

We already have plenty of russian soldier models.

I just scan the file. exe and I realize that the code is different, there will need to have more patience