Modern Warfare 3 G.I.G.N test

Mh, first thread in FP. I get these models a while ago, but i never used them for something serious or good. I thought it was a good idea to use them so yeah, i made an image with:

I really need to download Photoshop and do some edit to another images, i never thought that was a good idea, i always wanted to be original with the game so i never edited any image with a program, i may change that. Plus, my desktop computer just broke and i have to use a laptop, so the graphics are not the best, i’m sorry 'bout that but the anti-aliasing is going to kill this thing :I

This is actually really fucking good. It’s just dudes standing around, but it looks pretty dam good for a first post in this section.

As far as constructive criticism, the rigging on the middle guy’s elbow isn’t great. If you want to use the model but have weird results like that due to bad rigging, best option is to either find another model or change the scene to hide the error. Composition is good, but could be better with a strong SDOF render. I also prefer more colors in images, but all things considered, this looks pretty slick.

Welcome to this section of the forums, I hope you make more stuff.

Is it just me, or there’s a lot of .jpg artifacts in the picture?

Whatever. They kinda fit with the pic’s mood.

Welcome to the Screenshots section, and glad to have you onboard.

Thanks man! I’ll see what i can do with those shoulders, normally i dont have problem with 'em (not only with these ragdolls), so i might forgot to pose that one :T . Anyway, thanks again.

Pretty wicked atmosphere you’ve got going. If I had one complaint, it’s that it’s just a smidgen too dark. A single dull lamp hanging overhead would’ve made it damn near perfect.

As first posts go, this is a great one.

I’ll see what i can do, i set a lamp there to iluminate a little bit more because originally, it was too dark. Thanks!

Lovely posing from what I can see, but it would help a little bit if you added some lamps or made the picture a little brighter.