Modern Warfare 3 GDC Sweps

Seeing as has died, I’m just going to upload these here.

Anyways, I’ve made about 4 or 5 MW3 Sweps so far, using the MW3 models and textures. Animations are by Imbrokeru and the models were ported by xplor3r. I made them into Sweps.

So far, the L118A and the AK-47 are the only truly finished ones, but I’m working on and improving the Desert Eagle, ACR 6.8 and Model 1887.

If I could find the M4A1 models, I would make that too. Anyone know where to find it?



Desert Eagle:

These Sweps run on the GDC base.

They’re no masterpieces, but meh.


On a closing note, I couldn’t give two shits whether you like MW3 or not, so resist starting a BF/CoD flamewar.

firing animation is bad.

Blame Imbrokeru, I didn’t make the animations.

Horrible firing animations.

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Use animations that look good then.

Its not his fault, when you decompiled them, dead frames were created in the shoot anims, just remove the frames where the gun doesn’t move in the shoot anim. (usually frames 0-2 or 0-1 for dead frames)
Also, what version of GDC are you using?

The latest version, to my knowledge. I might change to a different base later on.

images in OP make the guns look worse than they actually are, take them against some background.

and yeah, firing animations are total shit.

Especially in ironsights.

Is it just me or are the textures a bit smudged?

But besides that, the scripting and the overall conversion is great!


Could you upload the .smds for the AK somewhere for download?
If you’re not going to fix the fire anims, I’ll just have to do it myself.

These are your first SWEPs? If so, not really that bad, but of course you learn mistakes when you make your first ones.

The L118A has 3 problems. The bullets dont hit/damage anything, when i use the scope it has a purple and black checkered screen, and it keeps saying the lua is not found. Any way to fix this?

The lua base it uses is here:
keep in mind that that also includes the default GDC guns, which is more than a gig of data.

I get a note and copy the data and save it?