Modern Warfare 3 in a nutshell

I dislike this game but i love this screenshot. Great job man.

Its good but I do happen to notice the crotch of the guy on the left aiming back like it usually would when you start posing upright people, most people will just plain pull it back. Other than that, its great.

tuck dat butt.

Let’s just say he’s feminine.


Posing on the Juggernaut on left looks silly.

I like it, but the blood on the far right guy looks wierd…

Fun fact, my brothers Xbox GT is actually almost the same as the juggernauts, K1ll3R EL1T3… (Didn’t put his exact name in here because of trolling reasons.)

wat an bunch of noobs lololllolllololollol

The juggernaut looks like he has a mild case of lordosis…

…But that doesn’t mean it looks bad or spoils the rest of the scenery. Great work!

The juggernaut appears to be floating…

Feminine AND magical.


I wish the game was as good as this picture.