Modern Warfare 3 Maps

Is there any way to get any of the MW3 maps with a software like you would in COD4, with 3d ripper…if you can please can you try and get for me interchange…forget about placing the materials…just get me the map please

There are a ton of these threads in this section. There is no program to do this.

learn to map, and make the map…

or you could pay one of us to do it…

Also there’s a requests section, I’m glad you read things before posting… /sarcasm

Stop being rude

On topic:
No I don’t think there’s anyway sorry apart from creating a mw3 map from scratch using similar or the same textures that you’re gonna need by yourself.

I’m going to assume you have experience with hammer, this might be a big task to tackle but yeah, also the models inside the maps you’re gonna need as well - again you could just find something from source and slip it in.

Are you even a mapper?

I know how to map if that’s what you’re asking, but what does that matter? The point is there is no way to just convert MW3 map files into .BSPs, regardless of whether I can map or not I know this information.

And to reply to the comment above yours, I was not being rude, there is a requests section for a reason, and just because I didn’t sugar coat my post and simply answered the question, doesn’t make me rude.

Yes, please make the same point I made with different phrasing…

You were being a sarcastic fuck.

oh well, if he had been slightly more observant, he would’ve seen the requests sub-forum right next to the “new thread” tab. and who cares, It’s not like all I did was give a sarcastic comment, I answered his question, who cares if I didn’t explain why you can’t do it, the point is, you have to know how to map, then make the map yourself.

Or is the new user with 4 posts too good to have to post in the requests section like everyone else?

No you were being a rude fuck to him, you just masked “fuck off and never post in here again” with your post. All you needed to say was "well the only way is to map it again and get the textures either from the game or use alternative measures etc… Maybe request it in the request area."Seriously, he wasn’t being rude, you don’t have to either.

Being rude is relative to how you take it, I’m never trying to be rude to anyone who isn’t rude first, and certainly my intended message I was trying to send to the OP was to point him in the right direction, I don’t think I was being rude. Also, I don’t think it’s very pleasant to call me a “rude fuck” out of the blue, white knighting some new user who used the wrong section of the mapping forum for a post, and then I answer his question bluntly because it can be annoying to see people who can’t follow instructions. But seriously, where do you get off calling me a rude fuck? If anything, you’re the “rude fuck” for calling me one. have you seen me post around the forum before? I tend to be a pretty fair and nice individual. Also notice how I don’t stoop to your level and start swearing all over the place too, show some formality when you’re trying to prove a point.

newsflash, gentlemen

it’s irrelevant, no one cares