Modern Warfare 3 NPC's!!!!

Honestly, I don’t know a thing about the process that it takes to port models from a game and then make them NPC’s onto Garrys Mod. But I do know that someone out there can make it happen, I’ll that the community has been doing is porting over a shitstorm of MW3 weapons (Which has been done over 1000 times) and yet no player models or NPC’s. Just take a look at the Mass Effect 3 community, it took them less then 2 month’s to port over a shitload of ME3 content onto Garry’s Mod including Ragdolls,Props,NPC’s, etc. If they can do that within 2 months then why isn’t anyone willing to port over MW3 content??? There’s already maybe a couple of user’s who have already released several MW3 models! All I’m asking is that someone please make those model’s NPC’s for Garry’s Mod! The community needs some new NPC’s! One’s that are actually awesome! And if you can, GO AHEAD AND MAKE THEM SNPC’s! Thanks- Chris

P.S- I’m not forcing anyone to make these, but I’m just simply asking, not begging. If the NPC’s are taking too long then that’s fine take all of the time that you need, if they can’t be done, then that’s alright too.

Meh, most of the MW3 ragdolls released have HL2 anims by default, just use the Model Manipulator tool here: