Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Models and More

[release][tab]Description:[/tab]So here are some of the Modern Warfare 3 Models i have gotten from the game i plain to get all the weapons, V_Models and W_Models and some vehicles and props but for now i have a couple that i finished up and got all the textures together that being i’ve also extracted every texture and camo and buy icon from the game and are in this pack.they are in .iwi so you’ll need the iwi to dds to covert them which i put into the pack, i already converted or grabbed the textures from 3d ripper dx that i couldn’t find the name of in the weapons textures

Note there is ALOT!!! of recycled textures from cod4 and mw2 in this game and when extracting all the weapon textures i didn’t have time to remove all the cod4 and mw2 ones but here ya go
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] 3ds Max 2010 or higher for .max file and anything that is a 3d program for .obj
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Infinity Ward and the other guys that are a sledgehammer???[/release]

Photos of what’s in the pack atm


Scar-H acog can be removed and iron sights be moved up to be normal scar

Remington SASS

AK-47 Nade launcher can be removed to have normal ak47

I have no clue what to call this weapon DO i call it a m249 or a m240? i never cared to look at the name in mw3


Now for the M4a1 i modified the skin to be more darker since it pretty much it was all grey but if you want to use the all grey one just covert weapon_m4_spr_col.iwi to dds and there ya go

type 1 with scope in

type 2 with scope out, i added the mw2 arms in the files for people who want to get started on making animations for this or not it’s the closes thing to mw3 arms we got until someone rigged the arms

MW3 Delta Team Arms are in this release for anyone who wants to rig them

Damn that was fast.

Well, you did a good job ripping them by the looks, but the devs of mw3 didn’t do a good job with the texturing thats for sure. Yuck. 4-5 year old graphics right there.

Well done but yeah, the models arent anything special.
Either way, good job doing it this quickly

Theres adifference between bad texturing and texture work optimised for a specific engine and art style. You know, just throwing it out there that they probably aren’t meant to be looked at in 3ds max or Source. What interests me is that the normal maps are gray. So there’sd be… B/W channel for depth and the alpha channel for… 1d angle? Weird bro.

There is a difference, but in this case it’s just bad texturing.

It’s a console game. The textures don’t have to be anything spectacular when you wallow everything in shaders.

Nice Skins! Riggers today can rig anything to G-Mod.

cool,now we need someone to rig e’m

I certainly didn’t expect something this ugly from the game.

When will you guys learn… You have absolutely no idea how textures work in their engine.

well when you look at it in a first person view in mw3 it’s really not,

but i should have some props and some more weapons released today

only good thing about the COD engine is they never make a smaller normal/bump map it’s aways 1024x1024

EDIT: new stuff that will be released today



Little Bird

G36c LMG

It’s called a Mk. 46

Still raging at the AK.

hate the m4 stock, eh?

Everything about it is shit.

I don’t know what that is…
But I wish I had one parked in my driveway.

you can drive it in campaign

those view models make me happy

thanks corra

Can you rip V-22 and LCAC(Military Transport Hovercraft) too?