Modern Warfare Models Release Thread

Hey everyone, this is going to be where I post all of the releases for my MW model pack. There is a lot of models in MW, and I’m going to try to port most of them into source for mapping or whatever you want to use them for. All of the models I will release will have phong, normal maps, specular maps, different LOD models, will all be made with love, etc. Let me know if I can improve on anything, or if anything is wrong with the models or textures. Also, these are all direct ports of the models, none of that “3d ripper” junk.

Different Sections I will do:
ap — [completed]----------------- Airplane
bathroom — [completed]--------- Bathrooom
bc — [completed]----------------- Battle Camp
bog — [Discontinued]------------- Battle on Ground
ch (BIG) — [in progress]---------- Chernobyl
cobra_town------------------------- Cobra Town
com (BIGGER)----------------------- Countless other models ( I don’t know )
cs------------------------------------- Cargo Ship
foilage-------------------------------- Foilage
me------------------------------------ Middle East
mil------------------------------------ Military
tvs------------------------------------ Television Station

Also in the future, I will release a texture pack.

(Look at the links for more photos)


Some Images:[/thumb]

Dude these models are great

Looking pretty neat :o

Sorry I was just uploading them

Is all good, these look great.

Will you be porting vehicle props? They could be handy.

If you’re going to upload 6+ packs do a mega pack or something instead of clogging up the entire new uploads section.

I don’t know If I could do that, I can understand that for the small packs like these ones, but later packs will contain hundreds of models. :s

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The vehicles are annoying to port because they have so many breakable parts on them, but I’ll look into them.

What I mean is, it’s kind of lame when someone uploads something then sees it get pushed down by this guy’s 10 million models. Disregard what I said though, I thought you were going to upload them all right now, But who am I kidding? When does anything that doesn’t remotely look like shit get uploaded? Besides your packs, of course.

Should I post update photos when I get them?

I noticed that with the Airbus models, you said they were fixed from the original pack, but you don’t say how. What’s the difference between the original pack and the new one?

It was a .qc issue. If you were to spawn them in gmod, you wouldn’t notice the difference. But if you were to try to place them as a prop_physics or prop_static, it wouldn’t work and would remove them from the map.

Oh. I see.

For the BC pack

Holy hesco barriers[/thumb]
Close up of smaller props (cot and small ammo box)

Jeeze, you guys need to post something so that it doesn’t look like I’m constantly bumping the thread.

Transmitting Tower

This will serve useful

could you do the rope?

It will probably be in one of the packs. So yeah.

great,I hope it’ll be ragdolled

How 'bout something like crashed Blackhawk or like that?