Modern Warfare, Navy Seal concept Pictures..

I know they are not Navy Seals

Im seing this fucker in every of your pictures now and he is shotting off screen guys.
Veeeery boring.

i have to agree with this post, sorry, but this is really all you do tlsaudrl

Yeah it is a really nice one. But make something innovative. This actually goes to all of us. Your screenshot is alright though.

The thing this screenshot has original is the background showing many other things, but yeah it still has the good old off screen shooting guy, a very great one though.

It’s pretty dull, but at least there are lots of characters and the posing is nice.

nice, meow

Too bad about Soap’s crotch.

His hear looks screwed up. Off screen shooting of baddies doesn’t bother me to much as tons going on in the background.

The posing is okay, but it’s kinda bland.

Desert Seals…SOAP ain’t a SEAL! :V

I never complain about the genericness in this guys pics or in Ddok’s lol because they mostly do pics to show off new models.

Well, this one looks kinda nice but I dont like his hair, the phong on it looks horrible.

i see ghost with a hat in the bg? wow

Have an art for effort.

damn… al your poses have gay mohawk native american/punk wannabe

I dunno why you guys keeping coming here if you keep saying It’s generic. The simple answer is to stop visiting his threads and shut the fuck up about it.

It’s what he’s good at, so let him go on.

where to get such models