Modern warfare Objects/props (obj+mlt)

Because there is practically only weapons or characters, i’ve extracted some models from Modern warfare 2 & 3.
You will find a bunch of things like pallets,crates,wires,computers,sandbags,TVs,foods …ect

All 3D models are in “obj” format with “mtl” (no bones , no animations)
Most of the textures are “dds” and “tga” (keep in mind : Col=Diffuse map / Spc=Specular map / Nml=Normal/bumb)
For some models , LODs are included (LOD_0 = good details , LOD_1 = less details , LOD_2 = low details , LOD_3+ = crappy,polygons orgy)

To keep this clear i’ve made a quick crappy website : HERE
(Shared via Mediafire)

I can take a few request, just tell me the game (Mw2 or Mw3),the Act and mission , and a screenshot will be apreciate :slight_smile:
but be aware that i can’t extract buildings/house (probably because they are stored in mapfiles dunno :v:)
and Mw (cod4) is not support by lime so …

Feel free to port them in Gmod/Sfm

Still WIP , i’ll add more models on my free times
don’t forget : for non-commercial purposes only

Some exemples

And please don’t steal and share the renders and files by claiming them as your owns , thx :slight_smile:

Ps: should i post all the files here ?

How to download for gmod this addon

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