Modern Warfare Remasterd maps?


I wondered if there’s some tool to rip MWR maps?
I know there’s Wraith for xmodels/xanims, and there’s Ninja Ripper to rip models/maps from games, but not sure it works with MWR (afraid to try).
Any one managed to dump some of the maps yet?

Thanks alot!

We have a map decompiler for CoD2 that might work with CoD4 and WaW, but will definetely not work with the later games.
If you want the maps, rip it with ninjaripper. there should be enough brush architecture for ninja to pick up.
Or use 3dripper, which is still superior as far as environments are concerned.

Which map decompiler is it?
I’m afraid to use Ninja Ripper because I guess you could get banned with it…

The map decompiler is for CoD2, it will not work with anything newer.

Oh. I mostly need it for COD4 (moviemaking purposes), that’s why I wondered. :slight_smile:
Thanks anyways!


So, I bought another copy of MWR to rip maps with Ninja Ripper, but when ever I launch the .exe of the game it says “Steam must be running”, even though it is running.

Any idea?

Kill Steam in the task manager, then relaunch Steam.

Will try as soon as I get home, thanks!
Also, sorry for asking BEFORE trying, but are you sure it works for launching from .exe file? I’m not using the Steam library!

I usually launch it from Steam, so I don’t know. I’m sure that you can launch it from the exe.

Well, I hope you can, just now sure how. :
It didn’t work btw.

Bump for that one!


When ever I asked how people rip from MWR many said “Ninja Ripper”, can any of those actually tell how do they launch the game through the .exe file?