Modern Warfare2 MARSOC LOOK-A-LIKE

Link :

Credit -

Original models,textures : Activision, Bohemia Interactive
Original models,textures compile : chl0407, Superfrog, ddok1994
Magpul Masada model, textures : Ultimate Bastard, Felipe Paiva
MICH,Some pouches in ragdolls : Jonny’s SF addon for ArmA
Rigging : zz8140
Texture, Model Editing : ddok1994

Include props,ragdolls : MARSOCs, Magpul MASADA, AH6

Other MW2 LOOK-A-LIKE models-

Modern Warfare2 OPFOR LOOK-A-LIKE :

Require Models-

chl0407’s COD4 Pack :
ChestyMcGee’s MNU Mercs :

Thanks :slight_smile:

*It may changed some textures…

Nice, they look awesome. Got my Download.

Very nice, do these have bodygroups?

some of them are crosseyed

Ka boom! XD

is heli bonus present?
nice job dude

How are the hands?

Can they turn upwards to properly hold a rifle foregrip?

also proper neck rigging?

4 words: Prop posing, cock knuckles.

More words: Got nothing to do with the prop dicksuck, for example, the COD4 marines and Force Recon Marines by Taggart were not able to turn their hands upwards. As such, you had to use a model with a vertical grip or pose the hands gripping the magwell.

3 words: easy precision STool.

Finally the heli is fixed! thanks DDOK!

yummy :smiley: they look great