Modern Warfare2 Russian Snow Spetsnaz LOOK-A-LIKE.

Download Link:

Model Ripping/Rigging:tlsaudrl2548

Material Edit: ddok1994

Everything else: Infinity Ward, Activision

Finger possible, Bodygroup/Subgroup possible.


nice hehe

I still wouldn’t wear red camo outside in the snow.

somebody say him it’s not red camo


answer, it’s flaktan.


wait, have you even played mw2?


Bodygroup Selection

so, those two guy in front of view, their gears are bodygroup

Very very nice. Did you put the logo on your self? I can’t remember seeing it in the game, except from the airbourne ones.



as a title, It’s Russian Snow Spetsnaz

this question is easy.

Awesome work man!
I’m going to grab these when i get home.
Now i just wish someone would do the dive suit’s from “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday…”

Radical! Downloading now


nice work again ddok

Man, I’ve been waiting for someone to make this. My favorite troopers in the game, made.


Fuckin’ shit, they are nice.

These’s are amazing. I think you should port ALL of mw2 (even get some maps if can) and make a OMG ULTRA MEGA MW2 PACK

CSS rigging, anyone?

Very nice, ddok. Good release.

first, we need cod4 maps

I think with a little time someone can make a look-a-like COD 4 map.