Modern Warfare2 : Source

Long time no see guys…

MICH, some pouches are from Jonny’s SF addon for ArmA

edit: Jonny and me are chating with PM, plz don’t fight with reply

Original Version :

fantastic posing and editing yet again ddok.

Damn nice posing and skin. Camera angle is good and the positioning of the helicopter is great.


Sorry, it’s just that this is all you do. Though, it may be nice… There is no quantity over quality.

good posing

it seems quite boring however

Jonny and Scubaman’s models and textures from Arma look good


the knees look wierd :confused:

Nice job. It reminds me of the Future Weapons episode about Magpul Masada.

looks sweet

Nicely done.

Looks like the parts you took from my stuff look pretty nice in HL2. Anyway just to quote my readme and the terms under which i released that stuff for ArmA1:

Full readme can be found here:

That means: Dont edit my stuff, dont use it in other games the ArmA and dont show it off as your own stuff.
Got that?

Also Scubman and Dasquade, who created that SCAR, are pretty pissed off about this too.

Let ME direct you to the internet readme.

Sec. 2.B.

"If you don't want it to be edited, DON'T RELEASE IT."

Doesn’t make your models any less awesome etc.

And then I’ll note that from what I see there is NOTHING from your models here.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown MICH Helmet, CSS Urban’s Mic attached to that, CoD4 Force Recon Operative, bits of CoD4 Gear on that.

Wow, that is pretty awesome work!

Helmet is mine, headset ist mine, body armor is mine and some pouches are mine. I created this stuff for armed assault about 2 years ago as a fun project.


this is an opinion which a lot of people especially in the ArmA community do not share.

Well, this is facepunch, not your precious ArmA community, so live with it.
Also I dont believe nothing of this stuff is yours.


W/E noone really cares if its yours, its a nice reskin.

Also nice pic DDoK, but like everyone said, its awfully generic :stuck_out_tongue:

Christ, everyone in the thread knows it is yours now, move on.

It’s not like he released it here screaming "LOL I MADED IT!!’

Well that’s funny because I use that MICH on some of my hacks and I hacked it off of - GUESS WHAT - the Rainbow Six: Lockdown Ding Chavez model. The MICH includes the earphones. That mic is CLEARLY the CSS Urban’s due to the curve and general look of it. The body armour is clearly the MOLLE vest from the MARSOCs reskinned, and all the pouches are also from CoD4 reskinned.

I have good eyes.

You don’t have to share it, it’s an unwritten rule of the internet.

It still changes nothing on the matter. You cant just take other peoples work without giving credit. No matter what community.

Lets go ahead and compare wireframes or textures, shall we?

Yes lets. The only bit that may be yours would be the NVG mount which I know is from your models, but that MICH is STILL from Rainbow Six.