Modern weapons pack

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P90 that doesn’t suck. Make the sights actually work.

Ok sure, i will get right on it :slight_smile:

You realize this is releases right.

now i have, so i will release something very soon

Good job on the P90. It’s simple and it would be nicer if it had more features (firemode toggling incl. safety) but the model is accurate and the ironsights work properly unlike every other P90 available.

More requests:

G36K (preferably black)
XM8 (preferably black)

how come you got flagged as dangerouse?

LMAO i really don’t know, as soon as i updated my FN FAL it said it was dangerous, take my word for it, it is fine.

Man, there must have been a noob on a reporting spree, possibly.

fn fal got deleted

Bold’d the good ones.

Heckler & Koch G3.
Heckler & Koch G36C.
Porting them from COD4 would work.

umm… do they hold the guns in the crotch?

I love p90s! Ill download this now, but how about some attachments? (laser, silencer, red dot sight, etc.)