ModernTown, WIP - A new Roleplay map.

Hello people :3:

This is a video of my project, This was recorded last week so alot more has been added to the map.

The map is basically a nice new roleplaying based map, The theme is suburban-industrial town.

Please subscribe to the youtube channel, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Week 2 Update!

Please, If you have critisism I would love to hear it, just please make it constructive so I can work on it.

Hello, I have to say your map is pretty bad. Your lighting feels completely bland and uninteresting, some of your textures are misaligned, brushwork is blocky, some of the building parts don’t make sense.

Although I thought that skybox was p. cool. Not for your map though, in general.

^ Pretty much all of that, I’d like to add that a giant arrow pointing to the pub entrance really isn’t necessary. Keep at it though, practice makes perfect I guess.

Waiting for someone to ask “What the fuck is a pub?”. :sigh:

Also, that black road, is it just entirely black?

PUB=Public House=Something like bar.

Holy shit is that skybox 3D?


Looks quite promising, I’ll keep a look out for updates. :downs:

If you read the description you would have understood. Thank you for you comment!

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A Pub is the British version of a “bar” which it’s called in lots of countries including america. except a pub is more manly… Basically a place where people get pissed…

Ye, It was only after looking over the video that I noticed the lighting was off on the road, I decreased the lightmap scale so that I could render the map faster.

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I made that sign to practise making Bump textures and messing about with the VMT’s it is not necessary, it was just their because I wanted to use my custom texture :3:

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Also, I’m not sure what style of work flow you have, but my style is to block everything out first, then align textures, then make the lighting, then edit the lightmap scale. I then move onto optimising the brushes and placing the cubemaps.

I do not make my maps where 10% of it is complete, but is in pristine quality… I do not have a super computer capable of making such tasks practical, therefore I make the map at a 20% quality to start off with, then once it’s all ready to rock I max everything out and add loads of detail.

Please keep in mind when critisising my map, that I am NOT showing this as a release so Obviously the quality will be much better. All I am looking for is what would look better, Please point out where the textures are misaligned. Of course the brushwork will be “blocky” they compile faster if they are perfect squares… If you mean too many sharp edges on things, show me where you think should be rounded off.

:v: phew got that off my chest

Alright, first off, your windows and doorways need fitting frames. Those bright looking window frames, for example, blend in too well with the wall textures. At least in my opinion, those should be changed, perhaps to a darker texture, so the window frame can be distinguished from the walls (At least from the inside).

Your ceilings are always pitch black, which doesn’t look nice. To fix that, just add a light entity under (what I assume you are using) your spotlight entities, but have it less bright, that way your ceilings will be lit, however not too bright or too dark.

Another thing is that your rooms and hallways are very bland, I suggest you check out the “How to make your maps look GOOD [HD]” thread, it shows a lot of quite nice examples of how to make a hallway less boring.

Now, in your apartments, the cupboards you have should have wooden textures, rather than the same texture as a wall would have. That way it will be easier to distinguish a cupboard from a wall.

Next thing I notice, your buildings are very blocky. Now I know many buildings look like blocks in real life, that isn’t very appealing in a video game and I would suggest you change your buildings around, give them some more shape, make them look partially irregular, yet functional.

Now, one last thing I have to mention is that your buildings are mostly empty and while I am aware that your map is still a work in progress, I would like to suggest you fill them up. Make them usable for servers, seeing as this is supposed to become a roleplaying map, it should be usable as such.
Too often have I joined servers which disallowed prop spawning, yet most if not all apartments and shops were completely empty and therefore not very usable. I’d simply like to see this not become another bland “roleplay” map, no offense, but I have just seen too many of those.

Now then, that is quite a bit of a text wall… well, you asked for constructive criticism, I tried my best to do so. And I am aware that this is a work in progress, however, you show us what the map currently looks like and I give my thoughts on it.

I’m also positive that’s not your skybox.

the corners of the road. the white lines dosent follow the corner think you should change that:P

Calling your map ModernTown is not an excuse to make it all blocky.
Besides, the textures arren’t modern. They don’t fit together and look worn out.

And if you thank people for their comments, don’t rate them dumb. It looks kinda silly.

Wow, Thank you very much for that :smiley:

The lighting was fixed with a “light entity” as you said.
The window frames have been changed. they look better.

How do you suggest I get rid of the “Blocky” feel? should I use detail props to break up the lines? like signs and things? because making complex brush geometry lags the compile time.

I was told to keep the buildings empty by a lot of RPers that play on my server, They said that players like decorating the buildings themselves. But I suppose a few things here and there won’t hurt.

Thanks again for the great critisism, it’s rare to find…

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Are you saying that I rate people dumb? I haven’t touched the ratings.
But anyway, the textures are the best I could find and they are from HL2 which is kind of modern.
Also please don’t just critisis the “blockness” please tell me where I should add more shape.

Don’t rate your own comments “agree” it kinda makes you look silly :v:

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They are prefabs from FPS Banana. I was planning on ripping them out anyway, because the roads have alot of unnecessary geometry. which dramatically reduces compile times, I am going to be making them from scratch.

Please point me to some good road textures if you come across any :smiley:

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Of course it isn’t… It’s the skybox from cs_militia its default to hammer…

Well obviously buildings that are just blocks look boring. And since the buildings are the essence of every roleplaying map they should not look boring, otherwise people will avoid playing the map. Also I don’t think you need to make too complex geometry for the buildings, but a few pillars, some windows or doorways with a bit more shape, anything that adds more to the blocks that your buildings consist of should be there.

In the end it is your choice whether you want to sit through a longer compile time, of course, but in my opinion, a good looking map is well worth the time that is spent compiling it. And if you optimize it well, it shouldn’t take too long to compile either. Just make sure to use your func_details effectively and use props, just like you suggested, street signs, lamps, etc. to break up the repetitiveness.

Here are some inspirational pictures you might take ideas from and show different building designs that you can take a look at.

I still dont see that “modern” part of that map

You have ambitions, which is good. But, you really need to look up tutorials and not rely on this community to directly help you out. If you spend time on Interlopers, Edit-Life, the VDC, etc. you should be fine. Take notes on these tutorials, if you have to. It may take some time to learn this, but once you learn it and put it to practice, you will be set.

Work slower. You’re trying to put this together way too fast (like I did on my first roleplaying map) and it’ll just turn out looking terrible honestly. You need to take your time on it. Make models for it, get new textures for it, use every advantage of Source to your ability if you want it to become a really good map. There isn’t much modern stuff in Source’s textures, you’ll have to work on some if you want better feedback over time.

Nice photoshop… Did you talk to the guy?

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I’m not rellying on this community XD I have been making maps for 2 years for all sorts of HL2 games, not to mention Unreal. Thanks for the pointers for those communities. :smiley:

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Dude, I work on the map once a week, I am too busy with my youtube videos atm. Everyone thinks that I am going to leave it low-res, but I simply have another work flow to them.

2 rules I stick to:

Follow the 7 P’s
Block everything out first.

Nobody follows these rules, not what I have seen anyway. They expect a W.I.P to look the same quality as it would when finished. If that was how it worked, there would be no such thing…

Thank you to the people who provide constructive critisism.