Hello Facepunch, I honestly couldn’t find where to put this, so I’m guessing as I saw other people posting requests in here, so I though this was the right place, if I’m wrong, please do forgive me, tell me where to post it and I will post this in the correct location!

So, I’ve been really wanting to have a Highly Custom DarkRP Modification created for me, so I posted on CoderHire, at the moment no one really is helping out, so I decided to post on here. The price I have set IS $400.00 and the price IS negotiable.** [NOTE] I took the job directly from CoderHire that I had created, below will be a link to reference it!**

Hello, I closed my other thread and decided to create a new one with somewhat different means. With this job, I would like to have a few things included.

  1. Two Custom Maps. (COMPLETED v/)
  2. Custom NPC Pack. (Some of which are actually already created for on Coderhire, however I’d prefer them all to be one single plugin/addon)
  3. Custom Game Mode.
  4. Custom Addons
  • Custom NPC Pack includes but is not limited to: 3/D Car Dealer, 3/D Gun Dealer, RMV NPC (See Below), 3/D Drug Dealer, Fruit Market NPC (See Below) Gas Station NPC (See Below), Custom Admin MOD.

[Law System]
The law system is very exclusive as the RMV NPC is. I want the law system to allow police officers to write up tickets for an individual. Such as speeding tickets. If the speeding ticket is not paid within 15 minutes of in-game playtime, their license is suspended and the ticket is doubled.

[RMV NPC] (Registry of Motor Vehicle)
This is a very inclusive and advanced NPC. I want this NPC to be able to register people into a database when they sign up. I want people to be able to go to this NPC and be able to purchase their Drivers License, get their Car’s Registration, pay speeding tickets, and get a license plate. (This should tie into the law system)

[Fruit Market NPC]
Has a sign above head saying Fruit Market. Has a fruit stand in front of him.

[Gas Station NPC & HUD]
I want this to be somewhat (NOT EXACTALLY) but somewhat like this: . I want their to be 2 human npc’s and 1 gas pump npc. All have huds above their head saying “Gas Pump”; “Repair Man”; and “Cashier”. I want the cashier to be able to sell inspection stickers. Which also logs into a database. The HUD for the main screen will show how an empty/full line for each car. So people know when their car is going to run out of gas.

*Coroner/Medical Examiner Job or NPC. I would like it so that users have the option to hold a funeral for them-self if they die. Upon dieing a menu comes up saying would you like a funeral, yes/no. [This only will work if someone in the server has the job as a coroner.] So if they hit yes, then the coroner would be notified and a hearse would appear (or any car at the moment) with a “body” in it. Then they would go to a funeral spot or grave which can be custom set in the code, and in the custom map there will be a graveyard and yeah, essentially that’s it!

[Please Note]
I may or may not add more things to this. But please, if you are going to comment something that has nothing to do with helping me, don’t comment at all. I don’t want to hear it. I’m only posting because I want something, and I don’t feel like being criticized for it. So do us all a favor and don’t say anything. I’m hear to pay someone, and I’m here to get what I need. I am willing to pay 1/2 of the budget up front.

The budget is NOT final. So before you say it is too high, or too low, re-read this. The budget is NOT final, it is most definitely negotiable.

Thank You !


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