[Modified Gaming] Noob Friendly | US | Sleepers | PvP | Frequent Airdrops

Server and Community Information

Our server was put up 12/22/13 and has very few admins. Due to the power Rcon gives players, only trusted, non-abusive members of our community have been given the password. We welcome new people as well as people who play on our other servers frequently. Airdrops aren’t going to be forced anymore. The only airdrops will be the ones the Server automatically does.

We wanted to put up a Rust server to give players a friendly, PvP environment with no chance of running into admins using godmode to their, or other’s, advantage. There will be little to no wipes, with no wipes our goal. Modified Gaming has a 256 slot server in the hopes that with a higher slot count comes a bit more processing power to help reduce any lag that might happen if the server were to get populated.

We have a Ventrilo server up for groups to have their own channels and communicate easily with no interference from other groups. More channels for Rust will be added if the demand calls for it as will slots for the server.


Connecting to the server can be done by finding our server in the Modded section, named “[MG]1/2Craft|Noob Friendly|Slper”, typing in “net.connect” in the console without the quotation marks, opened by pressing F1, or clicking steam://connect/

Noob Colony

A building for people that just joined has been built and anybody that’s a noob can ask for a room and will be provided with a Metal Door, a Sleeping Bag, and a Large Storage Box. The building(s) for noobies isn’t allowed to be raided. Once people feel like they have enough items to build their own place and defend it, or band together with another player or two, they can leave and their door will be destroyed for another new player to “rent” the room.

I hope to see you on.

Lol this sum bullshit server. Bunch of fairys.

Great server with some proper PvP action.

If you dont have anything smart to say then dont say anything.

Fun but sal I think we still need some more pvp :slight_smile:

We also do airdrops 2-3 times a day when there’s enough people on to benefit from it, rather than 4 people getting everything. I also agree that there needs to be more PvP.

"If you play on the Rust server, go to this thread, http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?...8#post43288558, and post on it. If you like it, say so. It’ll help. "

Yeah I like it.

Thanks for the server post. From what I can tell it’s a pretty good server with no abusive admins. :smiley:

We’re hoping to get the server more populated. We’re not doing the event airdrops anymore, and have the players needed for airdrops set to 15 until the server gets more popular, and then it’ll be raised.

As usual, no abuse, fun gameplay, and PvP.

Great server with awesome pvp and community! airdrops done often also 2-3 a day!

Awesome server, always play on it!

Been playing on this servers awhile, great server.

video of this server! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3loZ7wxf9Q4&feature=youtu.be

yo is this server still up? It seems like a good one but I think it may be down.

Like all Rust servers, it was DDoSed. As long as the servers are restricted to GSPs only, there’s nothing more I can do.

A Noob-friendly building has been erected where new players can request a temporary room and they get a door, sleeping bag, and storage box. The building is server protected, meaning it’s against rules to raid or kill noobs or anybody living in that building.

for some reason i cant connect…