Modified HL2 vanilla vehicles have a large amount of oversteer

So I’ve finally figured out how to make modified versions of the Jalopy/Jeep/Airboat. It should come in handy with the GCC.

Anywho, my main issue right now is that vehicles like the Jalopy (Muscle Car) have retardedly high amounts of oversteer after completing a (Large) turn. I’ve gotten speed wise it to my liking. It turns sharply at lower speeds and somewhat difficultly at higher speeds, my main issue is once I get over a certain speed (~45 MPH), the oversteer just says “LOLS FUCK LOGIC” and practically drives the car it’s self.

In the video below the car is driving at approximately 50 mph.

It could just be how default source vehicles act at such speeds…

Looks like you’ve just got a lot of understeer, and that it’s the car bouncing off the walls that looks like oversteer.

Ah crap. I got the terms backwards. Anywho, because I’m terrible with car terms let me put it as plainly as I can: The car starts to turn excessively in the direction of the turn you just did after leaving said turn. It’s quite annoying as it usually ends up causing the car to do a doughnut.

It seems to be the way Source vehicles work.