Modified Physgun

Well hello there once again facepunch, I dont really know here to post this request so I figured this might be the place. I am creating a small mod/map… Dont really know what too call it. Ive started mapping, doing textures, recording ambient sound and so on. But there is one problem… I want some nice physics interaction like in Penumbra.

The boring old press “e” and you lift the object like a robot is quite unpleasent.
So I was thinking, is it possible to change the old beta physgun code to simply not use a view model, and remove the beam effects and sounds and make it reach about 0.5 meters or so. I belive it would give it a sort of Penumbra feel to it since it makes the physics interaction feel abit more real. Would anyone like to help me with this? I have absolutley no knowledge of coding, of course you will be credited and so on.

Im pretty sure ralles Grab shit with E addon does what your looking for.

Oh well heh sorry I forgot to say its for a custom hl 2 mod. Not for Garrys mod. Sorry for the missunderstanding! :o

What “Old beta physgun code” are you talking about?

It was in the hl 2 beta as far as I know, I belive garry has modified this code.