Modified VBSP with No Entity Limit


Could anyone modify the SDK 2013 VBSP to get /rid/ of the entity limit. The entity limit has been way modified in Garrysmod, so this shouldn’t be an issue ingame, but the I happen to be a couple hundred over the entity limit and I need to compile over it. If someone would be awesome enough to boot up the VBSP source and set the limit to something higher(and compile and upload it), that would be amazing.


>mfw I can’t get the SDK 2013 source to work

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why do you need more than 1024 entities?

It’s a large roleplaying map. The entity limit on VBSP is 8192, not 1024-- which include all point and brush based entities, even the ones that get removed on compile. Garrysmod has had it’s entity limit upped to 65,000 or so.

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