Modify a Material

I dont know for sure if this goes here or not, so sorry if i got it wrong.

My request is a simple one. I was the Volume Light material (in the “materials” tool) replaced with bright pink with a yellow line down the middle. I don’t know if this is possible, or if it will horribly screw up my game, so please tell me if/why it wont work.

The reason I ask is because Players on my RP server commonly use volume light to make invisible props, (highly against the rules.) And i want anything they attempt to make invisible to appear as bright pink with a yellow line (the yellow line is so i dont mistakenly accuse someone who made thier prop pink of cheating) I understand this would be a client-side mod, and that is exactly what i want.

My fear is that volume light will be used elseware in the map and my entire map would look pink…but I wont know until i try. I dont have the Skill to do this myself, or i would.

anyone want to help?

Can anyone at least tell me if its possible or not? I know it would be a lot easier to change than some requests here.

I’m not entirely certain that it can be done. The texture appears to be black at first glance, with the VMTs doing most of the work. I’ll look into it, though.

I do appreciate you taking time out to help me. Lets hope its possible.

Something like this what you’re after?

I’ll have a download link up in a moment.

YES thankyou! your help has proved INVALUABLE!

Have fun with it. Instructions for installation and uninstallation are in the readme.

Cant thank you enough!

Be sure to let me know if there are any problems.
Just remember though that this will affect any maps that have this particular volumetric light model in them.

Yeah. i thought about that, and its worth it. I tested it and it works GREAT!