Modify addons with workshop

This thread may already exist, but i don’t seem to find it anywhere…

So what i wanna do is: I have a RP server that im modifying. The thing is, i downloaded stuff from workshop, like money printers, i wan’t to modify the lua on them.

And also the weapons, i download a weapon pack, but i think the weapons are to powerful, so i wanna change them, but i can’t find the lua files anywhere…

Is it even possible? I don’t know… Please give me good answer.

Download the addon clientsided, then use a converter ( Google your way to one, try out “gmadconverter” ).
Then extract the addon ( .gma ) to a folder, modify it and place the modified folder in garrysmod/addons.

Edit: You can find the converter here
Simply drag and drop the .gma file into the program on your desktop.

Oh god… I just love you soooo much.
Thank you!