Modify DarkRP?

Hello Facepunch.

I understand that alot of people doesn’t approve of DarkRP edits, but since I’m rather new to all of this lua scripting
I’d like to start out with just editing DarkRP: The F4 menu, the hud, make an inventory system and so on.

To make it all look nicer, but as I said, I’m new to all of this so if someone would kindly tell me where to find and how to edit 'n so on, I’d really appreciate it.

You’re welcome to add me on steam, the name is Megamonster_dk
(Don’t blame me, it used to be my dad’s account. xD)

Thank you.


DarkRP is a bad place to start editing. Just sayin’.

What do you recommend then? ^^

If you know the basics of lua. Start some small editing. Weapons, autorun scripts with some concommands to a clientside hud. Like that.

As you see, DarkRP isn’t realy coding Lua. FPtje and all the other coders of DarkRP made it realy easy adding Jobs and Shipments. So I realy don’t call it coding.

You should try making something on scratch.

Make something from scratch? My good sir, I need forms and I have no idea whatsoever how to connect anything. I’ve followed some lua tutorials om GMOD wiki and I understood them, however, when I look at the actual scripts I’m not sure what I just read.

Therefore, I’d like to start out by editing DarkRP, I know how to add jobs and custom shipments, so that’s not the problem.

What I’d really like to learn is how you can make a working menu in derma, how to create an inventory system and a working car system.

A derma menu is realy simple. There are many tutorials there, and they all work.

What about a hud then?
I see that you give the script coordinates and colours, but to actually see if it’s like what you want it to be like, do you need to restart the game?

I’ve found various guides, but not one single guide tells you WHERE to write all of this HUD stuff.

He never mentioned jobs or shipments.

Dugehong, most of the things you’re asking for, can be found on the wiki, as a tutorial.

It would be much easier to learn how to code things first before integrating them into DarkRP. Also you put the code for the HUD in a clientside lua file in lua/autorun/client.

Or in lua/autorun and just use if CLIENT