Modify the settings of many VTFs

I need to enable some settings on many of the VTFs i have (such as “No Level of Detail”), but VTFEdit only allows modification of one at a time. Does anyone know how I can batch edit them?


The VTFEdit most people use is a gui frontend for Nem’s VTFLib. You can use VTFLib on the command line to create a batch file process.

I’m trying this but it’s not working with vtfcmd.exe

vtfcmd.exe -folder "C:\Users\Andre\Desktop\iconstest\*.vtf" -flag "No Level Of Detail"


Nevermind I just reconverted everything from PNG to VTF using this line and it worked with the flags

vtfcmd.exe -folder "C:\Users\Andre\Desktop\iconstest\*.png" -output "C:\Users\Andre\Desktop\iconstest2" -exportformat "vtf" -flag "NOLOD" -flag "NOMIP" -flag "POINTSAMPLE" -alphaformat "BGRA8888"