Modifying Addons for My Server

There are a few addons I would like to make slight changes to so they will be better suited for my server.
I do not want to re-upload my minor changes to the workshop because that would possibly steal subscribers from the person who actually made the addon.
Is there a way I can host addons on my server and make sure they are downloaded to clients without putting it on the workshop?
Would this be frowned upon?


emmm i am not sure but you could take a look

Ah, so it’s either reupload to the workshop or add every single file from the addon with that function.
That’s a major pain, but okay.
Is there any way to override files?
Let’s say I only want to modify a file called file.lua from a certain addon.
Would I have to extract the addon and use AddFile on every single file, or could I just extract file.lua, modify it, and somehow have it override the file.lua from the addon?

you don’t need to re upload lua files because the players get all of them even if you modified them you just extract the addon and you modify the lua also the file don’t need to be gma it will still load if you have it as a folder and the players will still get the lua files

Oh, cool!
Just a few more questions.
If an addon I have installed from the workshop contains lua/autorun/file.lua
And I have a modified version in addons/modifications/lua/autorun/file.lua
Which file will take priority?
The file.lua from the .gma or the one I created?
Then let’s cover the case of a model.
If the addon contains a model called model.mdl, how do I go about overriding it with my custom version.
This wouldn’t be strictly necessary so long as I can override lua files because I can just give my custom version a new name and replace the references in the lua files, but it would be nice if I could override non lua files as well.

EDIT: Just read your post more carefully. Let me get this strait: if I extract an addon instead of using the workshop version. I have to use AddFile for every resource, but not for the luas? Still a pain and some sort of overriding system would be easier.

  1. i am not sure i think both will load at same time but i recommend you to extract the gma and use just 1 folder for the addon to avoid bugs
    2.again try extracting it and use 1 folder for each addon you modify to avoid bugs after you could use the link i send you above to make the players download the model and textures