Modifying PointMod


I have recently started working on a gamemode and an addon by CombineGuru namely PointMod made a great addition ( )

While this is all fine and dandy I wanted to modify it so that in the store when the player has reached a certain number of points more items would appear in the list. I.e if the player has 100 points Item1, Item2 and Item3 are available in the store list but if the player has 200 points Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4 and 5 are in the list.

Could somebody please just point me in the right direction where I should begin? I have tried things like adding an if statement to the item list thing but didn’t work and my limited knowledge of LUA ain’t helping.

Thank you,

Also : I am completely aware that I am a derp noob but for the life of me I tried reading and understanding the code but I couldn’t understand all of it… not that it’s badly coded but it’s a bit complex for a simpleton like me