Modifying Star Wars RP "mode"

Hello, I am setting up an SWRP server with my friends and have decent coding knowledge.
Yesterday I installed DarkRP and modified it so my server is listed as SWRP because the mode that you find on is just a slightly modified version of DarkRP.
Anyway since I changed the Gamemode name and stuff (everything was correctly done) I can’t use my Darkrpmodificationmaster on it anymore, any suggestions on how to fix it or maybe another addon that I can use for this specific case.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong Section. Use the DEVELOPER DISCUSSION for both LUA CODE and SERVER SUPPORT" - Kiwi))

If you modify DarkRP’s name, DarkRP modification wont work. It is designed to not work, as nobody wants DarkRP to be renamed.

hello! might i recommend this video!

Just download the darkrp base… than darkrpmodification addons folder and then u need darkrp derviced mode which u can rename.