modle riging can some one ring thes modles with costom ans? for some thing ples help me?

Let me get this straight… you want someone to make custom animations for these two models, and you aren’t even saying what kind of animations or for what?

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, no one here is going to just pick these up and spend hours making random custom animations out of the kindness of their hearts. Even less so when they don’t even know what kind of animations you want.

you know like standerd idel sit walk that kind of thing

Are you doing your best to sound like an absolute idiot?

Anyways towards the request - I know there’s an Alma rigged to the valve skeleton found on S-low’s site.You can use that one with a minor decompile and recompile to add a fix for gmod style NPC’s. You can then use the material from the version you linked to.

yes i am can i have the link? im 14 but i have a disability so i cant spell good :frowning:

A disability doesn’t hinder you of pressing down keys. It sounds like a lie more than anything.

thanks wrathcat for the link