Mods and Updates

Don’t remove zombies it would make the game pointless or atleast make them a mod. I was thinking it could be like a wastle land with raiders, mauraders, and military that would make the game really good . Zombies should become a mod or a plugin if its going to be deleted

Rust isn’t a zombie game. The zombies were supposed to be gone before the game hit Steam.

You’re looking for DayZ crossed with Stalker, but you’ll have to keep looking, because that’s not in the devs’ design for Rust.

They are adding something to replace the zombies. They still need to find a way to disperse the loot and dont want to compete with DayZ.

That’s, uh, already been done. More aggressive/dangerous animals that are colored red (possibly other colours too) drop what used to drop from zombies, as a temporary measure again I’m sure. More permanent models/designs will come in the future, I imagine.