Mods don't work after Update

So I’ve done todays update and now Rust++ or Oxide do not work. Hope they work on this soon. I miss the join on/off and kill messages. :frowning:

Might want to follow the Rust++ thread to stay apprised of developments.


Updates usually break things.

Oxide is up to date, to v1.10. My server is up and running with 30 people no problem. With other plugins too.

Puzzling development model though.

A mod is supposed to change behavior. Seing mods that actually are only bringing expectable features (door shares) or toggle option of existing features (sleepers, decay) of a not yet released software is kind of bad omen. Should not these things being at least added on the main development trunk of the software. Ahem. Obviously, that’d lead to a licensing interesting question. Should be GPLed. Ahem.