Mods that overide elements of the game

Hi, i wonder if it is possible to overide a part of the game like the weapon switcher ,the ammo and health ui

If it is, want to make a mod that overides the weapon switcher, ammo and health to the old classic ui if i can code c#

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I guess you can just remove the code


Yeah, you can do anything when making your own addon/gamemode.

Not necessarily the case when you’re just a player. Game creator would have to add customization support to the gamemode.


You were able to create custom huds in Garry’s Mod so I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to create custom HUD’s in s&box?

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Because S&Box is based on user created games. Each one has its own unique interface designed using a mix of C# and CSS (and HTML? I forget if Garry was adding thsg one).

Some creators might not, most I imagine, would not want players to use their own interfaces. They can individually support it, but it’d not likely a native feature.

Alternatively, download a gamemode and edit the CSS for serverwide UI changes.


Reading this hurt my brain ^
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for OP:
Any feature is able to be over-ridden because you the developer will have the base-game-template and with that you will be able to decide if you want your own custom features or to replace default ones. In your case you could create your own weapon switcher or customize the default one and implement it easily. However;

If you are just a gamer and wanted to download a mod that has the old UI from GMOD across ALL games you enter, Well that may not be possible. Unsure Tbh.

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For the last bit, that will 100% not be possible. Some games will have drastically different UI.