Mods working

I’ve installed Zombie Weapons pack, the nuke pack, and kermites knife swep pack. The nuke pack was the first one i installed and it worked perfectly. Since trying to install the zombie weapons pack the nukes have disappeared from my weapons tab and the knife pack is not appearing either. Gmod runs perfectly and there seems to be nothing else wrong with it. I double checked the folders i put the files in and they all seem to be right. I’m wondering if there’s some mistake i’m making causing my mods to not appear. I didn’t include system information because its not a problem related to the game running. I’m gonna try starting a new gmod folder and trying again, results soon.

I cleaned my gmod folder, like completely deleted it. The game runs perfectly but does not create another gmod folder. It seems to be using files that no longer exist.

Okay i deleted my /accountname/garrysmod folder. There’s no garrysmod left in my steam account folder. It still runs fine, and does not create a new folder. I’ve deleted local content and re-installed twice now, and the install went unnaturally quick. This makes me think there is a gmod folder on my computer somewhere but i have no idea where. It’s definitely not in my account folder.

Ok never mind I’m good now, apparently i have 2 different steam folders, but i’ll sort that out later.