Modular car and weapon ideas!

So it seems that Facepunch wants to go with a more modular design for building guns and the soon to come cars, so I thought of a few ideas for this that I think would work pretty well!


So it appears that they want a chassis with 3 parts; the engine, the cab, and a utility type of slot such as passenger seats or storage, so I came up with a few ideas for these parts as well as tires. Also I believe each part should have some sort of weight to it, because a heavier car with more on it will move slower due to weight.

Trunk/ storage cab: Used to store items, has the space of a large box or slightly bigger.

Cab: Can come in a variety of types at the tradeoff of speed, so a light cab with little protection will allow the car to move faster, while a heavily armored cab will move slower.

Engine: From the looks ofthe refining tower, there will be petrol and diesel fuel, so there should be two types of engines, the petrol one allows the car to move faster but will slow dramatically more due to weight, while the diesel has a slower base speed but can haul more weight, so good for heavy loads.

Passenger seats: Carry more naked men with you. Can come in armored as well.

Mounted gun: The most armed thing I would like to see on these, must be operated by someone other than the driver while moving. The gunner is exposed to gunfire as well.

Deploy-able: Perhaps an auto logger on the front for chopping trees? A barbecue for a tailgate party? Just a fun idea I had.

Also, maybe a slot on the front to place spikes, barbed wire, or even a cattleguard from a train on the front to run people over if your so inclined.

Moving on to guns, I believe that a modular system would be awesome for creating some unique and personalized weapons in the game, these are parts I would like to see added to the process.


Receivers: These will determine the fire rate and ammo type of the gun. Can come in automatic, semi-automatic (a fire type I would LOVE to see in game), bolt action, break action, pump action, revolver, maybe even a double barreled option as well. I believe that the faster the fire rate, the lower the damage, so semi auto and bolt action would be the best as far as damage goes while sacrificing fire rate.

Stock: This will help determine accuracy of the gun. A larger stock will be more stable, though I dont know of a trade off that would work for this, maybe some stocks would effect the ‘wobble’ of the gun as well. Can come in simple (like the custom smg), normal (like the tommy/ shotgun), or heavy (bolt and ak), or no stock with heavy recoil.

Magazine: This will determine the ammo capacity while effecting the stability while holding the gun, a bigger magazine makes for a bigger gun, so weight would make it hard to aim. Comes in 5 round built in (like the bolt, an internal magazine), 10 round, 20 round, 30 round, and 50 round drum, which will be a very rare bp and severely effect stability. Magazines cannot go on the revolver, break action or double barrel receivers.

Foregrip: This is the part under the barrel where the other hand rests. I really dont think there is any advantage or disadvantage to this, so it would be for cosmetic purposes. Come with different styles such as the tommy grip, long grip (blot action), ak grip, and none (like the custom smg). Pump action receivers already have the grip built in.

Grip: Just like the foregrip, there is really no advantage or disadvantage for this, so cosmetic as well. Can come in pistol grip or built in (like the bolt).

Barrel: This will determine the range of the gun while effecting damage. So a long range barrel will have consistent damage over the range, while a shorter one will do better closer but lose its damage much more over distance. Comes in sawed off, short, mid range, long range, and double barred for the double barreled receiver.

Iron sights: What is used before an optic attachment. Cosmetic, so just choose the ones you like the best.

Attachments: I know everyone wants attachments, so I thought while on the subject of guns, I would throw these in as well. These will increase one aspect of the gun slightly.Only one of these can be on the designated place at any time.


Simple scope: Like half a pair of binoculars of an old telescope, good for seeing a better distance.

Red dot: Just like legacy, but a bit more scrappy. An old piece of glass with a laser pointer (the novelty ones) on it perhaps.

Long range scope: Only found in airdrops and rad towns and uncraftable. A long range scope the has the most magnification.

Grip attachments:

Handle: Improves stability while aiming.

Bayonet: Used for up close combat or as a last weapon when out of ammo.


Simple silencer: like a can on the end, something that reduces sound.

Compensator: Lessens recoil.


Flashlight: Used to see in the dark, though others can see you from a distance as well.

Laser sight: Useful close up, though others can trace the line from a distance.

These, along with uncraftable high-end weapons, would make for some good firefights in the future. Just imagine being rushed by a guy with a sawed off drum magazine shotgun only to take him out with your revolver-styled mid range rifle. I love the possibility of this. Let me know what you guys think, additions, comments, and feedback are always welcome!

Love the vehicle suggestions especially the different sorts of fuels!

I love the idea of modular vehicles

About that i was thinking, they need different chassis for different type of vehicle and you need to think what kind of transport you need then choose one chassis type
3 chassis type
TYPE 1: a small, low and light one, for fast vehicles with lowest or none cargo capacity, less space between the terrain and the vehicle (can get stuck easily outside the road)
Fast, good for road, bad for off-road, bad for cargo
TYPE 2: a medium height chassis, with the capacity of carry peoples or resources but more heavy, more space between the terrain and the vehicle
Good for off-road, average for cargo
TYPE 3: the bigger one, for trucks, the tallest, heaviest , more space between the terrain and the vehicle, very resistant chassis
Slow, good for cargo or troop transport
- The TYPE 1 can have 2 slot and a half
1 slot for the engine
1 slot for the cab (for one or two peoples)
And a half for a mini storage box or an extra fuel tank
- The TYPE 2 with 3 slots
1 for the engine
1 for the cab
1 for utility like a big storage box or another cab for more people (or a mini storage box + an extra fuel tank)
- The TYPE 3 with 4 slots and 3 wheel axle (2 in the back, 1 in the front)
1 for the engine
1 for the cab
2 for a really big storage box or a big cab (4 people capacity), or a combination of 1 slot things (or half slots things)

The doors and the windshield must be upgradeable
Tier 1 = Wood
Protection against melee weapons, spears and arrow
Very open, very light and allows great view to all sides
Tier 2 = Metal
Protection against bullets
Less visibility, medium weight
Tier 3 = Armored
Protect against bullets and explosions
Heavier, minimal visibility to outside (see through small windows)

Others upgrades to the vehicle

Prolongation of the air filter entrance with a pipe to the roof
This allows you to enter to the rivers without the engine shut down

A prolongation for the exhaust
Like the previous but this allows you to start the engine under 1 meter of water or more


Cosmetics attachment
Different mudguard for the sides
Camo paints
Different grille for the front