Modular Combat - Bringing it alive for Garry's Mod(Yeah guys I am actually releasing something done)

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[**Official Modular Combat Server(Click to connect) from


Maps used: dm_runoff, dm_overwatch, dm_powerhouse, dm_resistance, dm_underpass, dm_steamlab
Maps cycle every 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes) and can be changed with mc_mapcycledelay, if you want your own maps cycle then give me the maps you want the gamemode to support and I’ll make one.


Can’t see the download button?

This is a stable version but for those who want to setup a server either contact me via FP or Steam for any news about smaller updates until I make an SVN version


What’s Modular Combat?
Modular Combat is a “Module” based PvP/PvE RPG Mod for HL2(both this and the original Mod require EP2)
Killing Mobs and Players gives you experience, the more you level up, the more modules points you’ll gain. You can use module points to either activate or upgrade modules such as flechettes and grenades you can use with assigned commands.

Now, this gamemode is concentrated on PvE fighting, providing an enjoyable experience with easy commands and remade HUD. Or at least that’s what I hope it will be for who plays it.
There are quite some changes with modules, especially minions as you will most probably find funny the latest “Dick” minion: More minions with similar AI will be added later.

How it has been done:
Testing jetpack particles on bots
Modules shop
Checking experience gained
Modules menu
Jetpack + Ammo HUD + Crosshair


+menu (default Q) opens Modules shop
+menu_context (default C) opens Modules menu when held, uses selected module when pressed.
flashlight (default F) while holding © sets selected module as (F) button, allowing you to use multiple modules without having to change every time.
Too hard for you? How would you improve it? Let me know.

Left to do:
More Convars(released)
Plague module(released)
New Minions(released)
Freeze grenade module
Invisibility module
Beta-testers only module. There aren’t many betatesters, but those few who wanted their own module, well, it will come sooner or later.
(Not sure)Teleport module
All in all they aren’t so useful, the gamemode can be easily played like this.

Thanks to Modular Combat team for making such a great mod, too bad nobody plays it anymore.

Want to give some support for next projects?

Why have people ask you for it instead of just releasing it?

I did the ‘ask me for it’ thing awhile back, so I could see who was using my work, assuming it was being hosted. But I don’t think that’s something you’d need to know or worry about in this situation?

Anyway, something new is always nice, cool and nice work.

Well it’s more to keep who hosts updated until I find out why SVN doesn’t like me.
Also because I don’t like people who edit my gamemodes and claim them as theirs. I prefer looking over who hosts.

Very interesting gamemode, I like it mate. Keep up the good work,

Nice, as always.

Neato! Haven’t encountered any problems so far.

I remember playing the original mod of this! It was all fun until I met this deranged Russian who called himself the “Lord of Death” or something, and he had such a ridiculous amount of health and health regen he was basically a triple Terminator.

Holy fuck… I love you…

Thanks for the feedback guys, but can someone put a video about it on youtube? That could be helpful to other viewers. Just put a server up for this.

EDIT: So when I joined the server, I was stuck on parsing info. So I look at the command box and see the server constantly swapping maps :v: Having problems with the map delay, keeps swapping after someone joins.
After I got this fixed, this shows up

[lua][@Modularcombat\gamemode\cl_init.lua:518] bad argument #1 to ‘SetFont’ (string expected, got nil)(Hook: HUDPaint)[/lua]
Got it working now.

I used to play this when it was good b4 the updates screwed it up, but hopefully this would turn out better then the current one right now.

Sorry hadn’t time to test, give me some minutes and I’ll upload a fixed version.

Got it to work, just need to get EP2 mounted and the server will be ready.

Aaaand updated.

This looks pretty cool

Promised 3 minions added,

Plague added,

Fixed some stuff, added some convars (such as mc_pointsperlevel).
Once I’m done with invisibility and freeze grenades I’ll upload the new version with all this stuff.

Make sure to include the bug where Poison Resist gives 60% to all resists. That was old fun.

I’m taking most modules ideas from the latest build, those resist modules were old :v:

Look messy and unoptimized.