Modular Energy Blade

Here’s a small, possibly useful prop for all of you posers. It has 2 different skins (only the glow is different in them) and bodygroup for the blade part.

Textures by LT_C, model by me.

Better then my name of “ENERGY Hidden Blade lol”

Awesome, I love it.


This is perfect, I’ve been looking for a sci-fi melee weapon

Snickt! Looks cool!

That reminds me of Armored Core.

I love those games

That is very sexy

Da… this will work…

^ do want

Looks nice, did you make it a replacement model for something or just used as a prop attached to a bone?

Well I do declare, this is most usefull!

ClientsideModel attached to a bone.

Wow Zoey, that screenshot makes firstperson suddenly look funner then using thirdperson.

Heh, thanks ^^

Is it okay if I make a slight request related to this? Could you possibly color it to be like a Protoss Zealot warp blade? It already kind of has it’s shape, but if you want to make it look more like the Zealot blade thats fine too.

Looks nice!

That symbol is from Wolfenstein (the newer one) isn’t it? It’s that weird techno-swastika almost all the advanced troopers wear.

Indeed, I’m glad somebody caught that.

This is awesome looking and can be useful for some poses.

But it seems to not work for me, I tried putting it into addons, I tired putting the models and materials folder into the garrysmod/garrysmod folder, but nothing seems to work.
I haven’t encountered this problem before, so I’m stumped.