Modular weapons

I do not know whether the crew Gary read this post but I want to ask are you going to introduce modular weapons?
For me it will be great idea when I need parts like barrel, body and oanother parts to craft a weapon. Something like with a turret.
You can add a gunsmithing table where we can put together a weapon. Ofc top tier weapon like AK or bolt and next one.
We will be have more combination of weapons and we will be customize weapon to our playstyle.

Hello and welcome to the forum. This Idea of yours has already been posted a couple of times so don’t worry if the responses might me a little annoying.

This is a individual thread for this idea. The ideas in that list weren’t really discussed individually, so this guy made a indivitual thread about this idea, so that it can get some more attention and discussion.

I just unearthed the other topic where somebody actually put in some effort and thinking by himself.