Module information needed.

I’ve had quite a few people join with gmcl_cvar3.dll or gmcl_cvar3_win32.dll, I know that it CAN be used with HERA but are there any uses for it other than cheating? I’ve searched a bit but couldn’t find much.

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Edit: Just skipped over that half sentence, sorry.
It’s meant to be used by server owner to set flags to some server variables, which cannot be set otherwise.

There aren’t many legitimate applications for it clientside. The only possible use I could think of would be someone wanting to set the above mentioned special cvars in a locally hosted server. If you want to be safe, you can always just kick someone with the reason “please remove gm_cvar3 from your gmod folder then come back”. Of course, they can always change the name of the module, but meh. To be honest, there aren’t many legitimate clientside modules I can think of. Maybe you should write something that alerts admins that there are modules in a client’s folder, and allow them to judge based on the name if they might be used for cheating.

I have it only logged currently while i finish my AC. GM bass and mysqloo are the only legit ones i can think of. Thanks for the info.