Modules aren't working serverside

On my windows server, only a few modules are working out of the ones I have installed.

Modules installed:
Adv Dupe 2 Filestream
Furryfinder (not working)
GeoIP (not working)

Aren’t GeoIP and Furryfinder outdated?

I know Furryfinder is, and I have a copy of gameserver but that also doesn’t work. I am not running them together.

EDIT: GeoIP works, scoreboard I’m using might have broke support for GeoIP which is weird.

When you require them does it put anything into console? Failed to require [-1] or something like that.

If you’re getting the -1 error then the module is not compiled right or you’re missing a dependency for the module. If it’s failing to find the module then check the spelling, make sure it begins with gmsv_ or gmcl_ (not sure if gmsh_ is a thing?) and ends with your os like _win32 or _linux.

No errors at all, everything has _win32 at the end so, I don’t know what’s wrong.