=MOFC= Dark Rp server

Members OF Freedom Corps

Greeting my name is Sable and I am here to tell you about a new Dark Rp server on Garry’s Mod. The population on the server is rather low so we need you to come and join our community and server. The admins are coming up with some new ideas to improve the server right now, we could like you all to come and join the community and server and give us feedback on what to change on the server.

Here is are website:

The map that we are using right now is:


We are looking for some Mods. and some admins (if you are experienced).if you would like to try for one of these positions please post it on are forums, Under New Applications.


Admin information:

Please add " Bigalbroski" or “Sable_Wolphen” For more details.

Server Ip:

Everyone is welcomed to come and be part of the community and server.
Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

Steam Page:


… lol…


Why should i pick this server, there is tons of other rp servers atm.

I do understand that there are alot of other Rp servers, but we do try and urge you to come. Why you may pick this server is because there has been alot of complaints about RDMs, prop block, etc. on other servers and on this server we do stop it at once. even tho alot of people say that and it does not come true on most part but i give you 100% satisfactory that it will on this server.

The Members Of Freedom Corps, wants people to feels safe when they are Rping, (wow that sounded weird) so they know that people wont be killing them each time they spawn.(we are putting in a system in are server that if you kill around 3-5 people in a life you would be baned for 30 minutes)We want just a safe place so people can Rp without prop blocks going around and RDMs at everything that some servers have.(that I have seen)

Not liking the competition?

This is the server I wanted to help, but the owner perma’d me since I couldn’t fix everything for free

I do believe that you have the wrong server,we have not banned anyone yet.

If you say so, also Sable, I recommend some pictures to show us what your servers like, although we can probably guess.

Ok, I will post some pictures when i get the chance.

Yeah please do that.

Wait, you wanted someone to pay you to help them with a server?

We haven’t banned anyone if you have looked up at the other post.

And no one has ever asked to help with the servers if you looked on the forums, so i believe this person is just trying to make other servers look bad.

=MOFC= Yoshi… Had me get on, and perm’d me

ya sorry Acedservers but we have no one named Yoshi as an Admin on are server.

Hm, must have been a cheap ripoff of here. My mistake, I apologize

it’s all good.

I remember him. Same thing happened to me too. Tried to help and he permabanned me for the reason “LOL”.

That’s why I came off as an ass

Strange, I will check the list but I am sure that there is no one banned.