Mofucka caps a zombie from a mofuckin' dinosaur. + Joker Badassery.

angry man helped me with the blood.
danke man :love:

of course its silly! :D!

Nitpick your way through these and recieve a prize.

You purposefully made that zombie a black person, didn’t you you little rascal.

Pretty cool nonetheless, holds more originality than most of what gets posted here these days.

Guards shooting someone is original?

Nah. First zombie I randomly clicked on :v:

omg now i can make pro screenshots like freekything thanks alot!!! :D:D:D:D

“… so leave it to a pro like me…”

how do you not get banned for this shit

how could he get banned for a useful tutorial?

Pretty shiddy


i lol’d hard at that video.

Absolute gold. But why are you breathing so heavily?


how i edit them