10000 poly ragdoll
6000 poly weapons

holy shit.

those weapons look damn nice.

About time someone does this. I always thought the character models in MoH Airborne look fucking great.

Rated gaybow for second picture. And useful for the guns.

The Garand’s proportions look off, but these models are still really sweet.

Very nice indeed! Look foward to seeing some of MOH:A’s epic Jerrys!

Sexy, good job there man!

Oh God the super-secret Nazi SS armoured gasmask, MG42 off-the-hip guys need to be ported.

Damn right! They may have been crap to actually fight… But man they had style!

To bad they mesed up the Thompson.
The chargeing handle isn’t on the top, not for the military M1A1 version. Models still look great.

You know that that isn`t a M1A1 Thompson, right?

I think they made it because of the Grip and stuff. The M1A1 version didn’t have an Attachable grip like the M1928 version or above.

Nope, it’s the 1920’s version.

The M1A1 was basically one huge production concession, because the M1928 took way the fuck too long to build per unit and cost far too much to be practically mass-produced for war. The US Army used the M1A1, the Marines used the M1928. The British used the M1928 as well, from what I remember.

its about time!

Could you port the Italians please?



I loved this game, in my opinion if they just made it longer it would have been great.

Holy crap that looks really good.

Looks great, but I think you might want to focus on one project until you finish it instead of doing like 4 at a time.