MOH pictures.

#1: “Did you kill my friends, so I’ll kill you!”

#2: “Nothing to report.”

#3: “Dead…”

#4: “Remember, no U.S.”

#5: “They are dead…”

#6: Execution as Dusty

Rate please! :slight_smile:

good lord that muzzleflash is awful… you need to work on that, also turn up AA and JPEG quality, try to use Sdof as well

That blurring is weird. While watching some of the pictures my eyes nearly fell off.

im sure thay did… they are pretty good and NOT blurry

Better check your eyesight dimwit.

Here, I made this for reference since I’m pretty fucking bored at the moment:[/thumb]

Seems like somebody didn’t hit render.

The muzzleflash on the last one looks like fire, and the blood on the last one looks like its just brushed on.

Posing is pretty good though. Maybe stop blurring everything.

The English was horrible, and the blood won’t work.

I didnt know United States was a language

If what you were saying was a reference to the Modern Warfare 2 no russian thing, Makarov meant no speaking Russian

There must be some kind of disease on FP.

Jesus christ did GMod just become F2P or something? Sudden influx of childish/people who don’t speak english.

Somehow you managed to make the us rangers not silly looking.

3rd, 4th, and the headshot, is really good.

“Did you kill my friends, so ill kill you!!!” I bursted out in laughter after i read that.